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As the principle developers and maintainers of core AFSIM source code, Infoscitex is the main developer and master integrator of AFSIM and its core capabilities.  IST develops and applies the AFSIM framework in support of various mission objectives for Air Force, Navy and Joint sponsored initiatives.

AFSIM Training


Along with our extensive specialized communications modeling, IST can develop new model capabilities, data rich displays, and adaptable interfaces to meet your organization’s modeling and simulation requirements for sensors, communication, aircraft, and space assets as well as other emerging technologies ranging from kinematic weapons to cyber warfare.

IST produces broadly reaching scenarios derived from intelligence sourced data combined with representations of present day to cutting-edge future concepts.  These concepts are portrayed with a wide array of behaviors, responses, and orders of battle in order to fulfill your organization’s AFSIM modeling requirements for the evolving battlefield reaching beyond a single scope of effectiveness and into multi-domain coordinated capabilities.

IST can create custom AFSIM applications to meet a variety of growing requirements. Applications such as Warlock, which provides an interactive game-like experience for AFSIM and the P6DOF Mover Creator used to expedite and simplify the creation of high fidelity models for existing and future aircraft are examples of products produced by IST.

IST will meet your organization’s needs for military utility and effectiveness analysis through the use of a variety of techniques with a basis in design of experiments methodologies in conjunction with AFSIM’s flexible script based input and user defined output to examine vast trade spaces across a myriad of existing and emerging equipment, concepts, actions, and settings.

IST employees created AFSIM and with over 10 years of AFSIM experience, IST will make AFSIM work for you with our custom training modules.


AFSIM Training Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in attending an AFSIM training class. During this challenging time, we would like to assure you that IST’s training team is working diligently to try to meet all your AFSIM training needs. Unfortunately, it is with deep regret that we will be temporarily postponing all currently scheduled AFSIM training courses for the foreseeable future.  Registration will also be disabled until an appropriate date can be determined for restarting the AFSIM training process.   

IST’s training team is looking into a variety of approaches for remedying this situation. We are looking at potential dates for new classes, and exploring online platforms that meet FOUO requirements as determined by the Air Force for potential virtual training classes.

We are doing our best to find innovative solutions in this unprecedented environment and we thank you for your patience and understanding.  If you have any questions or comments please contact us at



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