IST is the AFSIM Master Integrator for AFRL with the original developers and maintainers of core AFSIM source code.   All AFRL-sponsored AFSIM development and maintenance is managed and executed by our Agile development team. Our analysts are conducting AFSIM-based virtual, constructive mission, interactive wargaming, and engagement level analysis.

Wizard is AFSIM’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that IST uses it to rapidly define and integrate AFSIM platforms and platform components into analytic scenarios.  Wizard patterns itself on IDEs created for use with software development and supports feature rich editing capabilities such as syntax highlighting, text auto-complete and right-click navigation. Wizard permits IST to edit input files, execute an AFSIM scenario, and visualize the output.


IST uses the Results Visualization application for viewing of AFSIM platforms’ and components’ states in a geographic context. Results Visualization is an extensible framework with built-in capabilities to enable real-time visualization of entities’ positions and orientations, interactions (such as detections, tracks and engagements), sensor volumes, and much more. In addition, it provides immersive tether views, and draw commands to support custom data and visual representations of the simulation. The application is extendible using a plug-in system.




IST uses Warlock, an Operator-in-the-Loop (OITL) tool designed to interact with the AFSIM engine, to provide real-time analytical and war-gaming capabilities.  Warlock allows IST to graphically view AFSIM simulations and interact with simulation entities in real-time.


As the developers of Warlock, IST can leverage its broad capabilities to meet your Constructive Analysis, Wargaming, and Operational Planning requirements.

  • Engagement, Mission, and Operational experimentation
  • Access to full breadth of the AFSIM engine: Multi-Domain, Multi-Fidelity
  • Extendable, modular, and fully customizable
  • Networked communication and distributed, multi-user operation



IST has the AFSIM core software developers responsible for its successful delivery to the Government for open use by DoD contractors.  IST will make AFSIM work for you with our custom training modules.

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