IST is the AFSIM Master Integrator for AFRL with the original developers and maintainers of core AFSIM source code. All AFRL-sponsored AFSIM development and maintenance is managed and executed by our Agile development team. Our analysts are conducting AFSIM-based virtual, constructive mission, interactive wargaming, and engagement level analysis.

Wizard is AFSIM’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that IST uses it to rapidly define and integrate AFSIM platforms and platform components into analytic scenarios. Wizard patterns itself on IDEs created for use with software development and supports feature rich editing capabilities such as syntax highlighting, text auto-complete and right-click navigation. Wizard permits IST to edit input files, execute an AFSIM scenario, and visualize the output.


IST uses the Results Visualization application for viewing of AFSIM platforms’ and components’ states in a geographic context. Results Visualization is an extensible framework with built-in capabilities to enable real-time visualization of entities’ positions and orientations, interactions (such as detections, tracks and engagements), sensor volumes, and much more. In addition, it provides immersive tether views, and draw commands to support custom data and visual representations of the simulation. The application is extendible using a plug-in system.



IST uses Warlock, an Operator-in-the-Loop (OITL) tool designed to interact with the AFSIM engine, to provide real-time analytical and war-gaming capabilities. Warlock allows IST to graphically view AFSIM simulations and interact with simulation entities in real-time.


As the developers of Warlock, IST can leverage its broad capabilities to meet your Constructive Analysis, Wargaming, and Operational Planning requirements.

  • Engagement, Mission, and Operational experimentation
  • Access to full breadth of the AFSIM engine: Multi-Domain, Multi-Fidelity
  • Extendable, modular, and fully customizable
  • Networked communication and distributed, multi-user operation


Mystic is a Tool to Visualize the Recorded Results of an AFSIM Simulation by Reading in an AFSIM Event Recording File and Displaying the Events in a Geographic Context


AFSIM is Available to DoD and DoD Industry at No Cost, Includes Source Code, Documentation, and Access to Training Events

Information Transfer Agreement (ITA) Allows for Direct Distribution to Industry, Including Classified Version, Allowing use of AFSIM for IRAD Projects

  • Visualize Replay of an AFSIM Simulation Execution
    – AFSIM Event Recordings (AER) File Generated by the Simulation
  • Supports Analysis within AFSIM
  • Separate Application (mystic.exe) Delivered Within the AFSIM Release that Can Also be Launched from Wizard or Warlock
  • Automatically Alerts User to Re-Load Recording if Scenario has been Re-Run in AFSIM

  • Map Overlay Banner Displays Scenario’s Classification Level, Caveats, and Trigraphs
  • Dock Widgets Can be Moved to Other Windows or Floating Windows and Many Can Be Shown at a Time
  • Most Functionality Can be Enabled/Disabled and Customized
  • AbilitytoMarkPointsofInterest,RangeRings,MeasureDistance,and Make Annotations to Map View
  • AbilitytoDragItemsoffthePlatformDetailsandontotheMap

  • Model/Icon Viewer and Model/Icon Sizing Capability
  • Visualize
    – Tracks and Ability to Plot Track Metrics
    – Interaction Lines (Track, Fire, Jam etc.)
    – Sensor and Jammer Volumes
    – Platform History (Trace-Lines, Wing-Ribbons)
  • Ability to Save and Load Event Filters Using Config Files
  • In-Application Links to Documentation

  • Time Controller Options (Jump to Time, Set Play Rate, Play in Reverse, Play Forward, Pause, Display Rate, Calendar Time, Sim Time, Bookmark Navigation
  • Tether to Platforms (Custom Camera Views) with a Special Satellite Tether for Space Domain Platforms
  • Compute Relative Metrics on the Fly and Drag and Drop Data onto Any Window

  • Video Capture/Screenshot Capability
  • Ability to Plot Data Over Time by Right Clicking on Numerical Value in Platform Details Dialog
    – Plot by Platform, Type, Side, Category etc.
  • Ability to Plot Interaction State Changes
  • Integrated Tools Allow for the Merger of Replays from Distributed Simulations
  • Built in Reports to Look at Detection Attempts, Engagement Analysis, Event List, and File Statistics
  • Ability to Use Engagement Reports to Trace Tracks Through the Kill Chai
  • Users Can Customize Event Reports
  • Platform Filter-Rules to Search by Side, Type or Category
  • Ability to Export Filtered Event-List to CSV Files
IST has the AFSIM core software developers responsible for its successful delivery to the Government for open use by DoD contractors. IST will make AFSIM work for you with our custom training modules.

Modules (AVAILABLE) Description Duration Availability Trainers
Basic User Training Basic User training introduces AFSIM and a few of it’s applications. Students will learn about Platforms, Sensors, Movers, Weapons, and Processors as they construct a basicscenario. 2.5 days Currently Available Anthony Blecher (Lead) Andrew Krisby (Lead) Mike Moss (Lead) Dan Schueths (Lead) Jackson DeBuhr (Lead) Amber Jarratt (Lead) Kory Tennant (Assistant)
Space Training The space training module provides an overview of space-related AFSIM capabilities. These guided, hands-on training exercises cover many facets of AFSIM modeling with space assets, including: creation of a constellation of communications satellites, the launch of assets into orbit from the ground, interaction of space assets with sensors, and space based operations. 1.5-2 days Currently Available Mike Moss (Lead) Jackson DeBuhr (Lead) Kory Tennant (Assistant)
WSF_Guided_Mover weapons Build Surface-To-Air and Air-To-Air weapons with launch computers. 1-1.5 days Currently Available Dan Schueths (Lead) Nick Francis (Lead) Anthony Blecher (Assistant)
RIPR/Quantum Tasker This module covers a wide range of advanced processing capabilities including: Quantum Tasker Processors, Behavior Trees and Pursuit behaviors, Route Finders, Go Home and Escortbehaviors, Threat processors & Evade behaviors, Clustering, Decomposing tasks and IADS 1.5-2 days Currently Available Mike Moss (Lead) Andrew Krisby (Lead) Dan Schueths (Lead) Anthony Blecher (Assistant)
Electronic Warfare This module covers the basics of EW and how to implement EW into a scenario 1-2 days Currently Available Andrew Krisby (Lead)
P6DOF Mover Creator 101 Students will get a basic introduction to P6DOF Mover Creator as they build a simple model. 4 hours Currently Available Brian Fuesz (Lead) Amber Jarratt (Assistant) Nicholas Chinnici (Assistant)
P6DOF Mover Creator 201 Students will get a more in-depth experience creating models with Mover Creator and a better understanding of the aerodynamics behind them. 3 days Currently Available Brian Fuesz
Modules (COMING SOON)        
Ballistic Missiles Students will build a short range and long range ballistic missile complete with launch computers 2 hours Coming ̴ March 2019 Nick Francis (Lead) Dan Schueths (Lead) Anthony Blecher (Assistant)
Sensors Students will be introduced to a variety of sensor types with an emphasis on ground based radars. By the end of the module, students will have built a couple different sensors with at least one having multiple modes. Students will also learn how to change modes through script. 2-4 hours Coming ̴ June 2019 Nick Francis (Lead) Dan Schueths (Lead) Andrew Krisby (Lead) Anthony Blecher (Assistant)
WARLOCK Students will be introduced to WARLOCK and distributed simulation (DIS). Students will work through an example scenario in which they will practice controlling platforms, firing weapons, executing scripted behaviors, and more! 4 hours Coming ̴ March 2019 Jameson Tallyn (Lead) Amber Jarratt (Assistant) Anthony Blecher (Assistant)
Results Vis This short module will dive deeper into what Results Vis has to offer. Students will learn how to navigate the event list, trace atrack, plot altitude over time, add a map, and more! 2 hours Coming ̴ March 2019 Jonathon Marjamaa (Lead) Jameson Tallyn (Lead) Anthony Blecher (Assistant) Nick Francis (Assistant)
Comms In this module, students will be introduced to the new comm structure and get hands-on guidance as they attempt to add comms to a given scenario. 2 hours Coming ̴ June 2019 Keith Woelfel (Lead) Joshua McCarville-Schueths (Lead) Anthony Blecher (Assistant)
Cyber Students will add Cyber effects into different scenarios to gain hands-on experience with cyber implementation. 2 hours Coming ̴ June 2019 Keith Woelfel (Lead) Joshua McCarville-Schueths (Lead) Anthony Blecher (Assistant)
Weapon_Tools TBD 2 hours TBD TBD

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