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IST provides analytical tools, resources, and expertise to model, analyze, assess, and predict mission level effects based on sensor performance across Air, Space, and Cyber domains. To accomplish this task and generate knowledge and battlespace understanding from cross domain scenarios, we use a comprehensive analysis environment that integrates and optimally allocates computational resources, data, and human expertise. IST’s brings broad, new capabilities to the AFRL Sensors Directorate by rapidly advancing the analysis environment from an enterprise focused on problem understanding of single-sensor exploitation technologies to one that generates performance through battlespace-level cross domain knowledge and understanding of exploitation technologies.

IST provides sensor exploitation expertise to automatic target identification programs. We provide systems engineering, performance assessment, lab and field test support to various programs. We are experts in 3D laser radar simulation and signal processing, along with bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar image simulation using Xpatch.

IST provides advanced sensor exploitation performance assessments and develops reference implementations. We integrate these advanced sensor exploitation performance assessments with modeling and simulations tools to perform mission level analyses.

IST provides expertise in collaborative autonomous sensing by harnessing the rapid growth in sensing capabilities of unmanned assets to enable a decisive military advantage.

IST is leveraging deep convolutional neural networks for developing robust detection algorithms to improve human detection, tracking and characterization. Our rapid implementation supports tracking at video rates. The features of our network algorithms generate attributes fed to classification networks to perform human characterization. In other words, we support the warfighter in answering questions such as – is the human wearing a uniform, are they male or female, are they carrying a bag or not, or are they carrying a weapon or not.

IST provides modeling and simulation expertise including ELINT scenario generation, visualization, and synthetic data generation. We also develop human perception modelling in support of next generation personnel recovery concept of operations and requirements development

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