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IST Technology Solutions provide technical and mission support services, and product development/delivery to US Government and commercial sector clients.  We deliver subject matter expert-level capabilities to enhance mission and enterprise operations through data analysis, intelligence analysis, mission management, and technology insertion.

Our specialized laboratory facilities support the development of advanced technology solutions across advanced materials, advanced textiles, chemical processing, electromechanical systems, and systems engineering/integration domains. In addition to developing and integrating technical products, we work closely with our customers to develop and establish supply chains capable of meeting their needs past LRIP.

As the principle developers and maintainers of core AFSIM source code, Infoscitex is the main developer and master integrator of AFSIM and its core capabilities.  IST develops and applies the AFSIM framework in support of various mission objectives for Air Force, Navy and Joint sponsored initiatives.


Along with our extensive specialized communications modeling, IST can develop new model capabilities, data rich displays, and adaptable interfaces to meet your organization’s modeling and simulation requirements for sensors, communication, aircraft, and space assets as well as other emerging technologies ranging from kinematic weapons to cyber warfare.

IST produces broadly reaching scenarios derived from intelligence sourced data combined with representations of present day to cutting-edge future concepts.  These concepts are portrayed with a wide array of behaviors, responses, and orders of battle in order to fulfill your organization’s AFSIM modeling requirements for the evolving battlefield reaching beyond a single scope of effectiveness and into multi-domain coordinated capabilities.

IST can create custom AFSIM applications to meet a variety of growing requirements. Applications such as Warlock which provides an interactive game-like experience for AFSIM and the P6DOF Mover Creator used to expedite and simplify the creation of high fidelity models for existing and future aircraft are examples of products produced by IST.

IST will meet your organization’s needs for military utility and effectiveness analysis through the use of a variety of techniques with a basis in design of experiments methodologies in conjunction with AFSIM’s flexible script based input and user defined output to examine vast trade spaces across a myriad of existing and emerging equipment, concepts, actions, and settings.

IST employees literally created AFSIM and with over 10 years of AFSIM experience, IST will make AFSIM work for you with our custom training modules.


AFSIM Training Opportunities


Modules (AVAILABLE) Description Duration Availability
Basic User Training Basic User training introduces AFSIM and a few of it’s applications.  Students will learn about Platforms, Sensors, Movers, Weapons, and Processors as they construct a basic scenario. 2.5 days Currently Available
Developer Training Students will learn to integrate new custom software capabilities with the
AFSIM framework in a sequence of hands-on training modules.  Topics to be covered include integration of sensor, weapon, communications, and other platform components.  Common AFSIM software development tasks such as operator-in-the loop platform control, integration of a MATLAB model, passing custom messages in a distributed simulation environment, and extracting custom data will be covered.
3 days Currently Available

For more information contact:
Dave Thomas
(314) 449-7339


Don Emerson
(937) 713-7207


IST Special Programs is comprised of a team of professionals focused on solving problems and enabling client missions and business objectives. As a result of the broad
range of problems we solve and missions we support, we strive to maintain a team comprised of diverse backgrounds, capabilities, and viewpoints. Our activities are largely project-driven and typically involve interdisciplinary teams comprised of mix of senior and junior personnel.

  • Analysts
  • Engineers
  • Intelligence Professionals
  • Scientists


IST Technology Solutions are spread across company facilities in Massachusetts and various customer locations in Columbus, OH, the National Capitol Region, and Rochester, NY. Our Massachusetts facility is comprised of the laboratory and office space required to offer our clients a complement of capabilities to solve complex and varied problems.

Laboratories include:

  • Advanced Textiles
  • Analytical and Applied Chemistry
  • Chemical Processing
  • Electroactive Materials
  • Environmental and Mechanical Testing
  • High Temperature/Inert Atmosphere Materials Processing
  • Machine Shop


IST has developed a robust portfolio of intellectual property and technical capabilities that are leveraged in our support of the Intelligence Community, DoD, OGAs, and select private-sector customers. Our objective is to bring best-in-class solutions to gracefully solve hard problems. Core technical capabilities include:

IST Develops and delivers solutions that leverage computational resources to perform heavy-lifting enabling, end users to focus on analysis and reporting

In-house polymer synthesis, organic and inorganic chemistry, and analytical chemistry facilities and expertise are leveraged to design, develop and scale up to meet customer specifications.  

Intel production
IST supports national intelligence customers in a number of areas within the Intelligence Cycle, including systems development and engineering, mission management, data analytics and reporting. 

Material Science
IST has expertise developing a variety of materials-based solutions including glass materials, electroactive polymers, anti-tamper materials, electrospinning, armor and composites.

Mechanical Engineering
IST can develop advanced mechanical, electromagnetic and electromechanical systems for its customers. 

Modeling and Simulation
Physical modeling capabilities include fluid dynamics, heat transfer, three dimensional CAD and integrated solutions. 

Wearable Technology
IST unique capabilities include the design of embedded power and data electrical networks, wearable antennas, chem/bio protection and dexterity enhancement.


An experienced prime contractor, IST has the credentials and infrastructure to effectively manage and execute complex programs. We collaborate extensively to meet requirements and provide best value. US government agencies/labs, industry, other contractors, and academia are among our current partners. We’re also comfortable serving in a support/subcontract role as a trusted member of a team.


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