IST has developed a robust portfolio of intellectual property and technical capabilities that are leveraged in our support of the Intelligence Community, DoD, OGAs, and select private-sector customers. Our objective is to bring best-in-class solutions to gracefully solve hard problems. Core technical capabilities include:

IST Develops and delivers solutions that leverage computational resources to perform heavy-lifting enabling, end users to focus on analysis and reporting

In-house polymer synthesis, organic and inorganic chemistry, and analytical chemistry facilities and expertise are leveraged to design, develop and scale up to meet customer specifications.  

Intel production
IST supports national intelligence customers in a number of areas within the Intelligence Cycle, including systems development and engineering, mission management, data analytics and reporting. 

Material Science
IST has expertise developing a variety of materials-based solutions including glass materials, electroactive polymers, anti-tamper materials, electrospinning, armor and composites.

Mechanical Engineering
IST can develop advanced mechanical, electromagnetic and electromechanical systems for its customers. 

Modeling and Simulation
Physical modeling capabilities include fluid dynamics, heat transfer, three dimensional CAD and integrated solutions. 

Wearable Technology
IST unique capabilities include the design of embedded power and data electrical networks, wearable antennas, chem/bio protection and dexterity enhancement.